Talacauvery and Bhagamandala.

The worshipping deity of Kodagu, and the lifeline of peninsular India, River Cauvery takes her origin as a spring in Talacauvery, one of the most prominent pilgrim centres of Karnataka. About 48 kms from Madikc ri at the foot of ‘Brahmagiri Hills’ in Talacauvery is the holy pond where on the auspicious day of ‘Tula Sankramana’ that generally falls in October every year, goddess Cauvery appear* in the form of a river. Thus bubbling up from the Kundike at Talacauvery she reaches ground level at Bhagamandala, 39 kms to the West of Mailikeri. One of the seven major rivers of India, Cauvery is the ‘Dakshina Ganga’ or ‘Ganga of the South’ Bhagamandala is a shrine of Bhagandeshwara. The temple ;ot its name by Bhaganda Maharshi who installed the Shivalinga here. Well-known as ‘Dakshina Kashi’, the main shrine has by its side, the temples of Maha Vishnu, Subrahmanya and Ganapathi.

It is here that Cauvery merges in joyous and divine form with the rivers ‘Kannike’ and ‘Sujyothi’ to form a Triveni Sangam’. It is customany for all the pilgrims to first take a holy dip in the ‘Triveni Sangam’ and then ascend the hills for one more at Talacauvery.

From here, Cauvery gushes her way through Karnataka and Tamilnadu, sanctifying lakhs of hectares of land enroute. She ends her ”600 km journey at Poompuhar in Tamilnadu to join the Bay of Bengal. During Tula Sankramana, Mother Goddess Cauvery is offered a special worship, with a month long festival fair, atten led by thousands from all over. On regular days, visitors are not ;Mowed after 6 pm. Night stayover is prohibited in the area. Umpteen number of buses ply from Madikeri. The entire stretch is a Nature roger’s dream come true. However the roads  with winding curves asks for cautious driving.

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